EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board

The Sports edition from EpikGo has amazing unique design, a high top speed, durable structure and can run long distances you can almost never go wrong. It has a strong 400watt motor and a quick charging system of 2 hours let you ride tougher terrain, go faster and farther.

The wheel design is special giving the user higher torque and less resistance when riding on uneven ground.  This is a reliable hoverboard with excellent street performance and a great design. I highly recommend it to any teenager who wants to ride on sidewalks and on uneven ground.

The off-road version is just as fun. It can be used on most terrain with ease but if you have some dirt paths, gravel or perhaps even a dirt track near your home then the off-road version is definitely a must.

Both models come with a mobile application that allows you to adjust torque, max speed and the sensitivity of the sensors. You can also keep track of your route, how far you’ve driven and how much battery life you have left. There are bright Led-lights on both the front and rear that makes you more visible to others around you while giving you a clear view of your surroundings.

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